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Pascal Pierme Discusses His Artistic Process

By John Goekler

For artist Pascal Pierme, art is both a calling and an inquiry. Both a way of life, and a away of posing questions through which to explore internal and external worlds. 

Pierme's sculptures evoke qualities of architecture and nature, combining balance, energy, and movement. "I have an admiration for architecture," he says. "And then, when I look at what nature does. I'm very admirative as well. So, what I'm often trying to do is take what I receive from the natural world and mix it with the human influence."

That contrast of the organic and mechanical typifies his love of tension and contradiction -- the way color and positive-negative juxtaposition can create a kinetic effect, or the emotional demands of making art. "It's a mixture of adventure and fear," he says. "Controlling and letting go. Possessing and giving up."

Born in 1962 in St. Rafael, Franc, Pierme moved to Santa Fe in 1997. His home and studio sit atop a mountain that reminds the artist of those in the south of France. "Creativity doesn't come when you decide," Pierme says. "So, access to the studio is very important. I can work in the middle of the night or take a nap in the afternoon."

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