the magazine | Dorielle Caimi

By Kate Wood

Dorielle Caimi’s paintings have been described as absurd, humorous, truthful, and empowered. Those adjectives adequately describe Dorielle the painter, too, though I would add that she is extremely funny, smart as a whip, and masterful in her execution and rendering of the female figure. Both articulate and open in speaking about her work, Dorielle effectively integrates her emotional and physical experiences into her studio practice. Balancing expressive and brutally honest portrayals of the female form with jarring pop-surrealist color, animal characters, and cartoonish elements, she offers viewers something vibrant and complex. At the heart of her work is an effort to elucidate a specific feeling or experience. Though each painting is deeply autobiographical, Dorielle is able to directly transmit the emotional content of her subject matter, making each painting surprisingly—even arrestingly—relatable. With a well-earned national and international show record, Dorielle lives and works in Santa Fe and is currently represented by Gallery Fritz.

Kate Wood: You paint the nude female form in a non-sexualized way.

Dorielle Caimi: Correct.

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