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Review: Out There-Jeff Krueger & Terri Rolland

By Sarah Bradley

Out There at galleryFRITZ pairs the work of two New Mexico artists, painter Terri Rolland and sculptor Jeff Krueger. Their work naturally invites comparisons, though I did not find that the artworks themselves do much speaking to one another. Instead, the independent nature of each artist's work leaves space for viewers to enter and create the dialogue between them, finding likeness in form and materiality. Both use clay. Krueger, a ceramicist, does this conventionally; Rolland, rather unconventionally, uses clay paint. Their forms draw more easy associations, each liking a certain weighty roundness of edges and an implied connection to the natural world. The work is arranged to appreciate the iterative qualities of each artist's practice. The artists' similarity in approach, a "going outside of oneself," as stated in the press release and that inspired the show's title is more difficult to discern from the work itself. Regardless, Rolland's paintings and Krueger's ceramics rest comfortably in proximity to each other.

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