Shaking Things Up  

Fritz's latest venture, a gallery space on Guadalupe Street within spitting distance of Charlotte Jackson Fine Art, Blue Rain Gallery, Tai Modern,  and SITE Santa Fe. She's in good company, and the art space, galleryFRITZ is about to celebrate its first anniversary in March. The owner of three successful galleries in town, Fritz is...

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Deborah Fritz, Owner of galleryFRITZ is Shaking Things Up

Paula Castillo Creates Public Art for Hispanic Center

Hispanic Center Commissions New Sculpture by Paula Castillo to Honor Lujans

A subtle new work of art will soon add to the magic of the National Hispanic Cultural Center campus while paying tribute to a couple who were instrumental in its creation...

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Frank Buffalo Hyde Reveals New Mural at Meow Wolf

Frank Buffalo Hyde Reveals a New Mural at Meow Wolf

A herd of buffalo are barreling right for you...but wait, are they being chased by UFOs? So sets the scene of Fran Buffalo Hyde's new mural "Buffalo Fields Forever" at Meow Wolf Santa Fe's House of Eternal Return...

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Carlos Estrada Vega Creates Public Art for NYU

Carlos Estrada-Vega Wins Proposal For Public Art on NYU Langone Center's Amtrack North Tower

The inspiration behind this project is to evoke the varying colors of everyday life. The proposed color palette on the mural is extracted from nature, trees, water and the diversity of people in NYC... 

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The Magazine Reviews Jeff Krueger

the/magazine Review: OUT THERE

Out There at galleryFRITZ pairs work of two New Mexican artists, painter Terri Rolland and sculptor Jeff Krueger. Their work naturally invites comparisons. Both us clay. Krueger, a ceramicist...

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OtherPeoplesPixels Interviews Jeff Krueger

OtherPeoplesPixels Interviews Ceramic Artist Jeff Krueger Before His Group Show - OUT THERE

In a nod to the legacy of the Modernism, Jeff Krueger uses recurring, abstract forms. Whether in sculptures glazed with his own blood or objects that evoke both physics...

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Pascal Pierme Discusses His Process

The Art of Self Discovery: Pascal Pierme Discusses His Artistic Process & The Allure of Creativity

For artist Pascal Pierme, art is both a calling and a way of posing questions through which to explore internal and external worlds. Pierme's sculptures evoke qualities of architecture and nature...

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The Magazine Reviews THE AUDACITY OF ART, a group show

the/magazine Review: THE AUDACIDITY OF ART - A Politically Charged Group Show

The show opens with a metaphorical bang in the form of Victoria Carlson's Message in a Bottle, a hardly subtle image of a Molotov cocktail with #METOO inscribed on its label...

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Dorielle Caimi is a Finalist for the Bennett Prize

Dorielle Caimi is one of 10 finalist in the running for the Bennett Prize for Women Figurative Realist Painters

A four-member jury, which includes renowned realist painters Maria Tomasula and Andrea Kowch, selected the finalist. The winner of the prize will...

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Paula Castillo is a Woman to Watch 2018

Paula Castillo is One of the National Museum of Women in the Arts Women to Watch 2018

No need to don skinny jeans and tease your hair to see "Heavy Metal" at the NMWA. The exhibit, the fifth is literally about metal -- specifically, sculptures...

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