Roxanne Darling

Roxanne Darling


artist statement

‘I AM: For the Love of Nature’ are nude self-portraits composed in the Western U.S. in my sixties. On the surface, they explore the solitude of the unoccupied landscape. In earlier times, playing in nature provided solace for me during and after childhood trauma.

Women and nature have a lot in common: we are both revered and desecrated, subject to steady demands, yet hungry for respect and appreciation. These wild places encouraged me to explore personal and universal themes — consumerism, debasing things we love, and the issues of waste, trash talk, merchandising, and equating old and abused with useless.

The images are performance pieces where my unclothed body and gestures explore self-acceptance and aging in the sanctuary of the wilderness. My character is vulnerable, while the scenes and accompanying poems contrast fragility and exposure with empowerment. How we care for ourselves is a reflection of how we care for our environment. In the remote and quiet expanse, I listen to nature herself, unearthing power, peacefulness, protection, and the Present. 



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