Leigh Anne Langwell


Leigh Anne Langwell
biography Leigh Anne Langwell was born in Victorville, California in 1964. She received her Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of New Mexico in 1998. She has received awards including the John D. Phelan Award for California-born artists and the Santa Fe Prize for Photography. Ms. Langwell has also worked as a medical photographer, technical editor, graphic artist, and medical imaging technologist. She has been an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of New Mexico and an administrator for a fine arts non-profit organization. artist statement One of my primary interests in almost all of the work that I do is in exploring how the very large and the very small relate to and reflect one another. I approach my artwork from a life-long interest in science. I am not a scientist, I am an artist, but I have had the privilege of observing fields within the sciences through writing and image-making. I have been a medical photographer, a technical editor in engineering, and a radiologic technologist in X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging. So much of astronomy and cosmology are about studying minute traces of light, elements, particles, and debris left over from ancient explosions in an effort to understand where all of this began. By the time starlight actually reaches the Earth, the star it came from could well be dead. So the light recorded or referenced in many of the pieces is, I guess, obsolete light. You won't find this series of galaxies on the Astronomy Picture of the Day website or in any of the vast array of astronomical galleries and catalogs. There are no mathematic correlations, no cosmological underpinnings and no scientific validations for the existence of these pieces. They are simply small meditations on charting a course "home" - wherever that may be.