Amanda Banker


Amanda Banker
biography Amanda Banker (b. 1979) was raised in Corrales, NM where she spent her childhood making short animated films and feverishly drawing cartoon characters. She soon discovered oil paints. She spend the next few years developing a portfolio in fine art, until graduation set into motion a separate path. In 1998 she was accepted into California Institute for the Arts, but she choose to pursue animation at Cal State Fullerton. This decision allowed Amanda to fully immerse herself in both traditional and computer animation, with the added bonus of pitching storyboards to Disney, Nickelodeon and Pixar. After college graduation she began freelance storyboarding, character design and illustration. During all this time Amanda kept working on her own images. After nearly a decade in the animation industry, Amanda returned home to pursue her true passion as an oil painter. This move back to New Mexico was met with great success. Amanda has been published several times and shows in Santa Fe on the famous Canyon Road. Her work is collected across the country, with patrons from California to New York, and her work is held in the permanent collection of the Albuquerque Museum. artist statement I am a mostly self-taught painter who uses the word “re-animate” to describe my oil paintings shaped by animation and redefined with classical techniques. My childhood was filled with creating animated shorts and in contrast, I attempted to copy old works in oil. These opposite worlds eventually collided. I now use numerous layers, as found in the Venetian technique, to create images with striking contrast. These contrasts can be defined by my use of animated characters, surreal and abstracted compositions, and subjects painted in figurative realism. The irreverent lines I use, strike a balance between my training as an animator and my artistic need for chaotic expression. My use of bold saturated colors is not only an abutment to contrast but is also used to further connect underlying themes. Nature, beauty, and dark humor are just a few examples of the reoccurring themes in my work. Interested in dramatic scenes, occult symbols, and societal concerns, my work is always about hope and possibility. I strive to see beyond the subject itself and work at an intuitive level to create striking unique images with vision about the human condition.,h_400,c_fill/ix9y059p3gqivwfvcpkw.jpg